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What’s New @WESS

This year, WESS has its first year of 11th graders!

  • The Black Box theater has been renovated and reopened with the WESS Players production of High School Musical Jr.
  • The front lobby has been renovated.
  • The Green Wall in the lobby is up and running.
  • WESS has received significant funding from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, City Councilmember Helen Rosenthal and NYS Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal to build a state-of-the-art Media Center for our high school students.

WESS Press

October 10, 2018:
Oysters On The Half Shell Are Actually Saving New York’s Eroding Harbor
NPR article about the Billion Oyster Project and the contribution of WESS students to the bill that offers tax credits to restaurants that participate in the project. Founding teacher, Emily Hollyday (science), should be commended for her dedication to this project!

Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions

    • School hours for both middle school and high school are the same: School starts at 8:30am and ends at 2:50pm.
    • At WESS, we use words and phrases to describe how we do things in ways that might not be familiar to most folks, words and phrases like “expedition,” “mastery based grading,” “re-engagement,” etc. A full list of these words and phrases and their meanings can be found here.
    • If your child is absent from school, please email
    • All students have lockers except 6th graders.
    • Teachers use Google Classroom to post student assignments. Students log on to view (and sometimes do) their assignments. Parents can sign up for and customize their own access to this program. Click here to learn about how we use Google Classroom at WESS.
    • JumpRope is the school grading system that both students and parents have online access to. Click here to learn about how we use JumpRope at WESS.
    • Middle school students go outside (weather permitting) for supervised recess after lunch. High school students are allowed to leave the building on their own at lunchtime. They use electronic ID cards to register their departure and return.
    • Manhattan Youth provides extensive after-school activities (including sports) for WESS middle school students FOR FREE. For more information on Manhattan Youth’s offerings for WESS or to reach Manhattan Youth Director Kara Bhatti, click here.
    • WESS offers its high school students a wide variety of sports teams, including volleyball, basketball, and cross country.
    • Middle school students wear WESS Spirit Wear on Wednesdays and Fridays.
    • High school students wear WESS T-shirts for gym.
    • Crew teachers are the “primary point of contact,” meaning they should be the first people students and parents reach out to address ANY school issue, academic or other.
    • Our arts program is always evolving. We currently have full-time visual arts and dance instructors, and many partnerships involving the arts such as Take Two Film and Marquis Art Studios. The arts are also incorporated into core classes by using creative tools at strategic points within the curriculum, via second semester electives and year-end intensives, and within after-school activities.
    • High school students fulfill 100 hours of community service before they graduate.
    • WESS is a Zero Waste school, which means we strive to reduce the amount of materials used at school, reuse materials instead of buying new ones, and recycle (and compost) anything that we are able to.

Here’s how to link and sync your Google and/or personal calendars to the WESS calendars:

    • To add a WESS calendar to your Google calendar, click here for Middle School and here for High School and then click on the bottom right hand corner to add the calendar to your calendar.
    • If you have a mail program like Outlook (AKA an iCal app), use these links:
      Middle School Calendar
      High School Calendar
    • To delete a subscribed calendar from an iPhone, go to Settings  Accounts and Passwords  Subscribed calendars, then select the calendar you want to remove, scroll down, select Delete.

If any of your contact info changes or you discover that it is incorrect, there are two things to do to update it and you must do both:

    1. MOST IMPORTANT: Notify Andrea in the main office.
    2. Update it yourself at the Membership Toolkit Parent Association Family Directory. If you have any trouble using Membership Toolkit, please contact Luisa Kroll.