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It’s hard to find the words with which to thank the WESS administration and teachers for everything they have done and are doing to keep our children safe and to make remote learning as engaging as possible. But we will try…


“Jessica – thank you for your leadership and the amazing energy of your entire team through this unprecedented time. PA leaders, thank you for bringing us together. We will all get through this together. Be safe and well everyone!!!!”


“Jessica and the teachers are doing an amazing job! thank you.”


“Jessica thank you so much for your leadership.”


“Thank you so much to Jessica, Karyn and all of the wonderful teachers! I’ve been really impressed with what great lessons they’ve been giving and how engaged they’ve been with the kids. Also, they’ve done a great job in making the lessons interesting.”


“I want to say kudos to all that the staff are doing in this tragic time.”


“thank you to Jessica for her strong leadership and to all the staff at WESS for their hard work in keeping our kids inspired, working hard and engaged at this time.”


“Jessica – Can’t express enough the gratitude I feel for our teachers and administrators in steering us through this time.”


“Thank you Jessica, the teachers and staff at WESS for keeping things running and the updates. Please stay healthy and safe!”


“Thank you so much for your thoughtful leadership through this time!”


“i am just so grateful for our leadership and community. I speak to so many other parents with kids at other schools and am so proud of how our school is managing through this storm.”


“Thank you Jessica, PA team and all teachers for doing all you are doing for our kids! School is the best part of this crazy time for my child!”


“THANK YOU for all you are doing.”


“Thank you!”


“thank you all for all your efforts during this challenging time.”


“Thank you so much Jessica, Karyn, and all the teachers and staff! Teachers have been amazingly responsive and helpful. We are so grateful.”


“THANK YOU SO MUCH for your Hard Work. I really appreciated the decisions you made, not overloading the kids and faculty with live class from day 1, giving time to everyone to adjust, and letting the kids to go through this tremendous change. Teachers have been very responsive and a helpful support. We will all learn from it and go through it together. We are so grateful.”


“Our kids (and we) are extraordinarily fortunate to be at WESS…I think it’s important for us to remember that, unfortunately, many schools aren’t delivering (or are unable to deliver) this quality of distance learning. Thanks, Jessica, Joe and all the teachers and our great PA, for all you are doing.”


“Thanks a million Jessica, Joe and PA. As always, we rely on your guidance and appreciate all you do.”


“Thank you for all you are doing!”


“Thank you all very much!”


“thank you Jessica and all!!”


“Thank you ALL”


“thank you all”


“So thankful for all WESS has done! You guys have been so wonderful during this whole transition!!”


“Thank you very much”


“Thank you, WESS team!”


“Thanks so much to the WESS Team for doing an amazing job during this time!”


“So thankful for WESS leadership! thank you thank you!!”




“Miss this community!”


“Thank you very much for all you’ve been doing!”


“thank you Jessica and Joe. we are so grateful for all you do.”


“thank you all. go Now go wash your hands…”


“thank you all”


“Thanks to PA & WESS staff”


“thank you!!!”


“Thank you, WESS Team!”


“Thank you very much!”


“Thank you!! I love this school!!”


“Thank you for being candid and all the information. Thank to you to all staff at WESS!”


“thank you!!!!!”


“thank you so much”


“thanks to the entire WESS team.”


“Thanks to the whole Team!”


“Thank you all!”


“Thanks to the WESS team”


“Thank you WESS Leadership! Appreciate you!”