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The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting people in so many challenging ways. What follows is by no means an exhaustive list of ways you can help, but it’s a start, and it will be updated frequently as additional organizations and initiatives are brought to our attention.
Please email if you would like to suggest any worthy entities.


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Stay Home, Take Care –

Activities, recommendations, and ideas to help you stay in and take care of yourself and others – contents are updated daily.



A Call to Care

Care Buddies are pairs of people who check in with one another. They’re cross-generational pen-pals who give one another a sense of safety, community and purpose in this time of isolation. Some prefer text, others call or video chat. They make each other laugh, share their worries, exchange family recipes or talk about their favorite shows.



West Side Campaign Against Hunger (time-sensitive April Virtual Food Drive – click on Tool Kit)



SUNY Downstate hospital has been declared to be a COVID-19 hospital only by Governor Cuomo and, unfortunately, being a public hospital it simply does not have the funding or the conditions for providing cutting-edge care. Nurses are still writing charts by hand and devoted doctors (including my husband) in the ICU are committed to serve the vulnerable community tirelessly through this pandemic. I have been helping the Anesthesiology and ICU with fresh food during this time and we are continuing this effort to support our front line workers. You can help in many ways:

The two articles on the hospital will give you some perspective on the stark disparity in our healthcare system.…/coronavirus-new-york-university-h……/inside-new-york-coronaviru…/index.html



In many hospitals across New York City, patients are tragically dying alone, separated from their families due to restrictions on visitors. We are doing our part to bridge this physical gap between sick or dying patients and their loved ones by organizing the donation of iPads to hospitals in need.



The City has created HELP NOW NYC, an online resource center that has information on helping New Yorkers affected by CoVID-19. HELP NOW NYC provides both resources for individuals and organizations on a wide range of services including:

  1. Employment Resources
  2. Health and Medical Assistance
  3. Food Assistance
  4. Financial Assistance
  5. Rent Arrears and Public Assistance
HELP NOW NYC also has information for those interested in helping front-line employees. It offers ways to volunteer with the Volunteer Coordination Task Force and assist in the Co-VID 19 Relief Efforts.



Make an appointment online to donate blood at New York Blood Center; use their website’s location-search-and-scheduling tool.